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Reminder – Blackboard Upgrade

Blackboard will be unavailable for maintenance from 4am – 12pm on May 15, 2015

In preparation for the upcoming Summer 2015 term, the Office of eLearning & Innovation and Information Technology Services will be applying updates to Blackboard on Friday, May 15.

To complete these updates, Blackboard will be unavailable the morning of Friday, May 15 between 4am-12pm.

After the updates, faculty and students will see some new and enhanced Blackboard functionality. These new improvements will include new Anonymous Grading and SafeAssign options.  We’ll be sharing more about what you can do with these options throughout the next few weeks.

There are also always unexpected surprises.  If you notice anything strange, please contact

Considering moving from Blackboard

Stay informed this summer by “Following” our blog at  We’ve convened the Taskforce and are working on the Needs Analysis.  We’ll be conducting demos, creating a rubric, and exploring in sandbox environments this summer, and making a “down select” to reduce the options to 2 systems in August.

Let us know what you think!  Though we’ve completed the surveys, focus groups and interviews, there’s still ample opportunity to provide feedback.  Check out this page to fill out a feedback form.  Have a great summer, and stay in the loop!  – Sasha

Blackboard Back Up and Functional

Hi All – Blackboard is back up and functioning normally.  The problem seems to have occurred between about 7:30 and 8:50, so if your students reported problems during that time, that is what they are referring to.  They should no longer be experiencing problems, but if they are, please contact us at or 987-4257.

The details of the issue have also been added to the Bb Server Status Log, available on the Blackboard tab of My Tri-C Space for faculty to view.

With thanks for your patience as we resolved this issue – Sasha

Blackboard Restart

Blackboard was functioning very slowly this morning, so we did a restart.  It appears to be getting online correctly, however we’ll update everyone once we can confirm everything is fully up and functional.

We’ll provide further updates as soon as we have more information. – With thanks for your patience and understanding! – Sasha

LMS Review Initial Demos Posted

LMS LOGO smallThe demos from Friday, February 14th are now available!  Remember these demos are not to judge Learning Management Systems (like Blackboard), they are just part of an initial “look see” that will allow us to see what else is out there to include in our needs analysis.

Please refer to the LMS Review Page for information about the entire initiative, its steps, etc., and help us to keep everyone up-to-date by encouraging them to “follow” our blog at

Separate pages have been posted for each of the main 4 LMSs that we viewed that day.  We also saw a little bit of a social learning add-on, but as that is not an entire LMS, it will be posted as a separate category.  We also included Blackboard in our day, and they provided more of a “what’s next” overview, as that is the system the college currently uses.

Blackboard (Find their vetting page on our website here).

Canvas (Find their vetting page on our website here.)

Desire2Learn (Find their vetting page on our website here.)

MoodleRooms (Find their vetting page on our website here.)

Course Reports Issues in Blackboard

The “Student Overview for Single Course” and “Course Activity Overview” reports are not currently working for Spring 2014 Blackboard courses. We have been working with ITS and Blackboard to identify the cause of the issue and resolve the problem. We will post an announcement to the blog as soon as we have an update on the status of these reports. In the meantime, faculty who have academic integrity questions about activity in their course sites can contact the Office of eLearning & Innovation at 216-987-4257 for assistance. eLi can then work with ITS to retrieve the required data.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Internet Explorer 11 Issues in Blackboard

Faculty and Students are advised not to use Internet Explorer 11 to access Blackboard at this time. Microsoft released an update to IE11 on February 11 that can cause the web browser either to crash or become unresponsive when accessing Blackboard course sites. The Office of eLearning & Innovation is working with ITS and Blackboard to address the issue. Additional updates will be posted to the blog as soon as they are available. In the meantime, anybody who uses Internet Explorer 11 is encouraged to use an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

Blackboard Fixed with IE

Though we are still conducting follow-up testing, our results thus far indicate that Blackboard is functional with IE once again.  A couple of small issues have been reported that we are continuing to investigate.  If you notice anything atypical in IE, please contact or 216-987-4257.

The browser checker has also been updated by ITS.  It should more accurately reflect the compatibility of the browser you are accessing Blackboard on.

If you haven’t already, please “Follow” our blog by clicking on the button in the left-hand sidebar.  You’ll be able to subscribe to updates so that when we post information, it will come directly to your email inbox.  You can also use the “Search” feature to search for older posts using standard keywords (“faculty”, “support”, “SoftChalk”, etc.)

With thanks! – Sasha

Blackboard Browser Issue

There is an identified Blackboard browser interaction issue on Internet Explorer.  We are working with ITS as we speak to apply a fix and do a rolling restart of Blackboard.  If you are experiencing issues with discussion forums, grade center, and a few other things, these will be resolved with this fix.

Our recommended browser for the highest usability is normally IE 9 or 10, however for the next few hours either use Firefox or turn off “Compatibility View”.  Please refer to the following posts for information on recommended browsers and on cut/paste issues from Fall 2013.



With thanks – Sasha