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Camtasia Relay updates Coming Soon!

The Office of eLearning & Innovation and Information Technology Services will be updating Camtasia Relay on Friday, December 18. The new version of Relay offers similar functionality to the current version of Relay, but has been renamed “TechSmith Relay.” TechSmith Relay will support Windows 10 as well as both Mac OSX Yosemite and Mac OSX El Capitan. The new TechSmith Relay Recorder also will enable faculty to upload existing video and image files. Stay tuned for more information!


eLi Tech Fest – Come One, Come All

techfest logoOur first ever eLi TechFest “opens” today at 1:30 PM at the Metro Room on Metro Campus.  Come join us for some edu-tainment!

Can’t make this one?  We’ve got three others upcoming!  Check out the info below, and register in Insight.

Metro Campus, MCC 209 – Monday, February 17 @ 1:30 – 2:30PM
·West Campus G 4A – Wednesday, February 19 @ 1:30 – 2:30PM
·CCW 27 – Tuesday, February 25 @ 1:30 – 2:30PM
·East Campus ELA 230 – Wednsday, February 26 @1:30 – 2:30PM

eLi TechFest 2014

logo_smalleLi TechFest 2014 is HERE!

Come out and let us edu-tain you!  eLi is rolling out the red carpet for you.  You’ll munch on popcorn and movie theater candy all while screening the newest etech the college has to offer and getting a peek at upcoming initiatives, in a completely non-boring way.

Click on “Pilots and Initiatives: > “eLi TechFest” for more info including campus locations and times, or click on the following link: 

Camtasia Relay Update

A couple items relating to the status of Camtasia Relay:

  1. You don’t need to use portable recorders anymore on the Academic Image:)
  2. We had a system error today where 14 recordings were temporarily held.  Everything is working again.  Those recordings have been successfully processed.
  3. If you use a RevoLab microphone for your lecture capture – there is a problem with the computer not recognizing the microphone as the default recording and playback device.  The Learning Commons provided this solution:  Instructors must plug the RevoLabs base into the USB port and RESTART so the system can load the RevoLabs driver on startup. If the computer is already shut down, simply plug the base in and start up.
  4. Following testing, we have enabled a captioning profile for Camtasia Relay.  If you select this captioning profile (designed for accessibility purposes), note that only the Flash Video is captioned.  You will have to review and release your captioning transcription before the recording will be processed.  Please find step-by-step info here.  If you have questions about this, please contact us

With many thanks to Bill Fogarty and John Francway for their assistance, as well as Genevieve and Jeff Ballinger for their rapid responseJ  If you have any issues with these items, please contact us at: or 987-4257 so that we can get started on a solution for you. – Sasha

Camtasia Relay publishing error

We are currently experiencing a problem publishing from the Camtasia Relay server. Users are seeing the error: The presentation below failed to publish because the account information is incorrect or missing. Presentations are being successfully uploaded to the server, but are not being processed.

Once the issue is resolved, Camtasia Relay users will be notified by email when the presentations have been processed.

Captioning with Relay is here!

Faculty can now use Camtasia Relay to create captions for their lectures and presentations. To create a captioned Relay recording, log into the Relay Recorder and choose the Captioning Profile from the list. Providing captions enhances accessibility for students. Note that the tool cannot be used to caption previously recorded presentations. Go here for more information

Camtasia Relay – Temp Solution for Fall 13

After working with the Learning Commons, there appears to be no way for them to reinstall the Camtasia Relay software on the Academic Image successfully. When the new Academic Image for Spring 14 is created, we will again be asking them to include the software on the Academic Image.

Our best temporary solution for Fall 13 remains the use of the portable recorders.

We appreciate your patience with this as we work with the Learning Commons to improve future installs.

For Faculty Who Use Camtasia Relay

Quick update on the status of Camtasia Relay on the Academic Image (i.e. computers in student computer classrooms.)  There has been a corrupted file in the install process.  As a result, the Learning Commons has uninstalled it and is working with eLi to get a healthy version from TechSmith to reinstall.  In the meantime, the portable recorders should work.

We will keep all faculty updated as we discover solutions moving forward.  This was not related to the Blackboard 9.1 SP 10 + update – it is a separate system.