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Of Gamification and Game-Based Learning – a Refresher

Refining terms – we ask it of our students, and of ourselves so that we can be succinct in our understanding of a given topic.  Well, what of Gamification and Game-Based Learning?  Do we have a clear understanding of the concepts? Check out this article from the folks at eLearning Industry (elearning blog).  It provides some clear and basic definitions.

The Differences Between Gamification And Game-Based Learning gamification-vs-game-based-learning-two-different-things

FYE Game Site & Student Tech Survey

In this update….

Info on the FYE Game, the Student Technology Survey, and the eLearning Orientation Reboot.

FYE Game Site

If you attended the Convocation session on the FYE Game, please find that here:

FYE Game screenshot

You can now request your copy of the FYE Game site!  How?  Follow these simple directions:

  1. Email ITS at:
  2. Ask to be added as a faculty member in the 2016 FYE Game course site.
  3. Login to Blackboard, and use the Course Site Request System to request your own copy!
  4. May the odds be ever in  your favor.

We are currently incorporating the feedback from the session, so those Softchalks will be updated till end of day Friday.  Don’t worry, that’s all in the cloud, so it won’t impact your ability to have a current copy of the course.

Student Technology Survey

If you weren’t at the Student Technology Survey session with Professor Sam LiPuma and myself, of course you missed the social event of the season, but you also missed hearing the sometimes unexpected but always illuminating results of the 2015 college-wide survey of students about technology!  Check out the presentation below:

Student Tech Survey


eLearning Orientation Reboot in Course Button

Have you seen the eLearning Orientation Reboot?  Check it out!  It can help prepare your students to be successful in their online and blended/hybrid courses.

We also put it into a course site via a button!  It comes with 5 quick accompanying quizzes to test students’ knowledge in 5 domains:

  • Managing Your Time Well
  • Being a Successful Student
  • Being an Online Student at Tri-C
  • Using Blackboard
  • Computer and Internet Basics

Students get digital badges when they hit 80% or above in the quick quizzes.

Do you want your very own button?  Email and ask to be added to the 2016 eLearning Orientation Reboot course as a faculty member.  You can then copy the entire button into your courses!

Have a great start of term!



Congratulations US! Tri-C receives MOOC grant from Gates Foundation!


Yay!  Yesterday, the Gates Foundation announced that Tri-C was awarded one of three MOOC grants awarded to community colleges nationally!  The project includes 10 colleges total, the goal of which is aimed at investing in scaling post-secondary education.

This is Tri-C’s FIRST experimentation with Massively Open Online Courses!

Want to read more?

This is the formal announcement from the Gates Foundation.

This is the information from Quality Matters about the project.  It will be the first time that Quality Matters is involved in a MOOC!

Want to hear it from Inside Higher Ed?  Check out their article HERE.

Our very own has info on it too!  Check out their article HERE.

Want to know more about Tri-C’s MOOC, what we’re doing and how we’re doing it? We’re currently crafting an FAQ to help answer any questions faculty might have about MOOCs, and this MOOC at Tri-C!

NDLWeek – Highlighting Our Partners!

Get in on the game!

electronic gameJoin our Virtual Scavenger Hunt!  Students can win one of three $25 Tri-C gift cards!  Submit your completed scavenger hunt to:

Want to find out more of what’s going on with distance learning in other great Northeast Ohio organizations?  Check out our partner links on our NDLWeek 2012 page!

Find out what they’re doing online, and get involved!

  • The Cleveland Museum of Art
  • The Western Reserve Historical Society
  • WVIZ/PBS ideastream
  • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  • Cleveland Museum of Natural History


eLearning 2.0 – Are you in the nextgen world of teaching and learning?

 How do you feel about connectivism, social constructivism, student-created and curated content?  Not sure how edugaming and mLearning fit into the picture?  Check out this board that attempts to explain the concepts surrounding eLearning 2.0.  Check out the board HERE, or by clicking on the screenshot from the page. 

Has a hero been bumped from your list with one too many movie reboots?

Consider Jane McGonigal as a replacement!

Jane McGonigalThis innovative heroine champions the use of gaming to actually IMPROVE the real world!  Think of her as the cheerleader who will save the world!  (That works on multiple levels – think back to the now defunct TV show Heroes.)

I’ve posted her TED talk, and just began reading her new book – “Reality is Broken:  Why games make us better and how they can change the world.”

Favorite quotes so far from the book include:

“Games make us happy because they are hard work that we choose for ourselves, and it turns out that almost nothing makes us happier than good, hard work.”

There’s a whole bunch of actual research to back this up.  But blog entries aren’t exactly known for their ability to cite research and do a thorough literature review, so definitely check out her book for that.

“…extreme emotional activation is the primary reason why today’s most successful computer and video games are so addictive and mood-boosting.  When we’re in a concentrated state of optimistic engagement, it suddenly becomes biologically more possible for us to think positive thoughts, to make social connections, and to build personal strengths.  We are actively conditioning our minds and bodies to be happier.”

I was with Pat Stansberry  (shout out to faculty extraordinaire at Metro Campus, who shared her interview on Steven Colbert with me,) watching her talk about gaming when her book was mentioned, popped on my Cuyahoga County Public Library App on my iPad, found her book as an ePUB, downloaded it and started reading it.  If I think about conceptually what those activities would have entailed when I was in college back in the day, it would have taken me at least a couple of hours to accomplish the same thing…

So check out her work!  And maybe get a fresh new hero while you’re at it!

Let the games begin:) – Sasha

Speed gaming – get in the game May 14th!!!

Gaming is not just for kids!

boy playing gameWant to come explore gaming at Tri-C?  Join the fun and get involved at our “Speed Gaming” session for faculty inservice day on May 14th.

The “official description” reads:  Come and game with fellow faculty and staff from eLearning and Innovation in an open-lab environment.  Each computer in the lab will be set up for a particular game, from World of Warcraft to Green Globs.  Every 15 minutes the buzzer rings and you move on to experience the next game.  Fellow faculty gaming enthusiasts and staff from eLearning and Innovation will be on hand to play, assist, and brainstorm further use of edugaming at Tri-C (donuts included).

Important details – whens and wheres:

Facilitator Names: Patrick Stansberry & Sasha Thackaberry
Date: May 14, 2012
Time: 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Metro TLC Room #157

Interested in learning more about gaming at Tri-C?  Join our Gaming Incubation Group (GIG), (code named: oh yes we did!)

Gaming goes to the Ohio River!

Motion Capture Lab Pic 4

This past Monday – February 27 – several folks from Tri-C headed down to Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio, to check out their gaming facilities and program.

Our A-Team from Tri-C included Charles Dull, Mace Mentch, Allen Trethewey, Marty Walsh, and  yours truly Sasha Thackaberry.  There, we met Jeff Bauer, Dean of Faculty Research, who was a wonderful host, highlighting their facilities, gamin labs, and motion capture lab.  We viewed classes including Greg Lyons’ character animation class, and toured the motion capture lab with Jason Witherell.

Motion Capture Lab Pic 1

We shared some of the upcoming ideas and projects that Tri-C has in the works, and discussed some possible opportunities for partnerships.
Alan Trethway and Marty Walsh
The program at Shawnee State University
blends learning the actual game programming with art and design classes, with a great deal of integration and inter-departmental collaboration, ensuring that students have the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in a career in gaming.

Our Kung Fu fighting faculty joined in on the fun, and we all learned a great deal.
Many thanks to all who participated in this learning activity!

Greg Lyons, Chair, Fine and Performing Arts
Jason Witherell, Assistant Professor in Engineering Technology
Jeff Bauer, Dean Faculty Research
Carl Hilgarth Chair, Dept. of Engineering Technologies

Lab Projector Pic