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LMS Decision SOON!

What has been going on with the LMS Review?  Great question!  We are currently in the sandboxing process.  That means the nearly 40 member Taskforce and an additional 24 faculty are in all three potential systems, trying out features, interacting in courses, and testing.  These three systems are Blackboard, Canvas and D2L/Brightspace.

What’s next?  On Thursday, February 26th the Taskforce will make a recommendation for a system.  That recommendation will then proceed through the internal committee process for funding – the Technology Governance Steering Committee is involved, then a Board committee, and finally it will be presented for Board approval in the March 26th meeting.

Questions?  Contact your campus faculty communication contact:

  • West – Professor John Kerezy
  • Westshore – Professor Matt Piero
  • Metro – Professor Pat Stansberry
  • East – Professor Angela Mensah

All meeting minutes and info is posted on this blog.  Click on the LMS Review tab in the upper right-hand corner, or hover over it to see the subpages.

Thanks! – Sasha

Downselect Results – Which LMSs are still in the running?

LMS Review LogoNow (drumroll) – the results of the LMS Review downselect (we started with 5 systems and are down to 3 systems)!  We have officially come to consensus. We are moving ahead with Blackboard, Canvas and Desire2Learn/Brightspace.

I am thrilled to report that all full-time faculty Taskforce members weighed in.  Keeping the process focused on learning and teaching is the name of the game!  

Interested in the “official” consensus tally?  Find the results here:  Interested in knowing who is on the Taskforce?  Find that list here:  Want a video overview of the process?  Check that out here.

Want to look at the consensus tool we’ve used?  Find that here:

What’s next?

Now, we’ll be entering the “Sandbox Phase”.  This means that the Taskforce and an additional 20 volunteer faculty will actually go into Blackboard, Canvas and Desire2Learn/Brightspace and “play” – testing out functionality.  In March, we will make our formal recommendation, based both on discussions of learning and teaching advantages, Tri-C culture, and the rubric results.  (The rubric is a tool in our process, not the decision).

How can you help?  How can you get involved?

  1. “Follow” the eLearning and Innovation blog for all LMS-related updates.
  2. Help us get the word out and avoid miscommunication!  Send other faculty, staff and students to the blog for accurate information.
  3. Check out the systems yourself!  We have vendor demos on the blog.
  4. Respond to our feedback form, which is always up:

We have been working on the LMS Review since January of 2013.  The full Taskforce was convened in May 2013.  Find all our meeting notes and working information here: What assumptions did we start with?  I’m glad you asked!  Find them here, or below.

There are several assumptions that are guiding the investigation into a possible new LMS implementation at Tri-C.  They are:

  1. The current LMS (Blackboard) may or may not be the best institutional fit for an LMS.  This can only be determined by a review of all feasible LMSs.
  2. There will not be an LMS that matches perfectly with the college’s needs.
  3. Only with a thorough review of enterprise-level LMSs can we determine what the best institutional fit for the needs of students, faculty, and staff will be.
  4. The process must be inclusive.  All are encouraged to participate and provide feedback as we conduct a needs analysis, prioritize our needs, and implement a rubric-based selection process.

This process is working well because it is participatory and transparent.  If you ever have questions, I am happy to answer them personally:) – Sasha.Thackaberry at

Comparison Doc on LMS Review – Who Has What?

Do you want to check out the different LMSs that Tri-C is reviewing?  The 5 that are involved in the LMS Review Process are Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace by Desire2Learn, MoodleRooms and Remote Learner.  Combined logos for LMS Review

But how do they stack up?

Truth be told, we don’t know yet!  We’re doing a “down select” – meaning narrowing the field to our top 2 or 3.  Then we will be “sandboxing” systems (aka testing and exploration) for several months before making a final decision this Spring 2015.

Check out this handy, hyper-linked document that looks at the features and functionality on each of those systems.

Update – LMS Review Progress (To Blackboard or Not To Blackboard)

Blackboard LogoAs you all know, we’re currently engaged in an LMS Review (that’s for “Learning Management System” Review).  It’s concerning our academic LMS – for faculty and students.

Notes from our September 5th Taskforce meeting are now available here:

Want the video review of the process?  Check out the video of progress to date that was shown at the Conference Days at each campus below.  This will open in a new window.

Video link for LMS Review update video

LMS Review Update

Here’s the latest from the LMS Review Taskforce. Last week the Taskforce participated in two vendor demos: Canvas and Brightspace. We had lots of questions for each vendor, in fact we had more questions than we had time. So, we will be sending a list of written questions to each vendor.

It’s so exciting to see the workgroups making progress on their sprints:

  • The RFP Workgroup is expecting to complete the RFP by September 2nd.
  • The Communications Workgroup is writing and submitting an article for Inside Tri-C.
  • The Faculty Communications Workgroup is creating on a fun poster campaign to get the word out about the LMS Review.  Look for posters at a campus near you!

Thanks to all the LMS Review Taskforce members for your time and dedication to this project.  Remember this is an inclusive process, so let your voice be heard.  Complete the Feedback Form here and don’t forget to follow this blog by clicking the blue button in the navigation area on the left-hand side.

-Melanie Thompson LMS Review Project Coordinator & On-the-Ground Reporter

LMS Review Update – July 1, 2014

So what has been going on with the LMS Review Taskforce?  The Taskforce is hard at work gathering feedback and moving ahead with what we’re calling “Sprints” – 2-week projects with specific deliverables to make decisions and keep the project moving forward.  Sprints conducted over the past 2 weeks include:

  • Review of survey results from our consultants (soon to be shared)
  • Gathering of additional feedback from faculty (via the Faculty Communication Work Group)
  • Progress on the creation of the RFP (RFP Work Group)

Faculty – interested in learning more? Faculty representatives from each campus have volunteered to be your point people for faculty communication.  If you have questions that you want answered by a fellow faculty member, contact your local representative:

  • East Campus and Work Group Lead – Angela Mensah
  • Metro Campus – Pat Stansberry
  • West Campus – John Kerezy
  • Westshore Campus – Michael Piero

On June 30, we conducted the first of the official demos.  Blackboard kicked it off.  A recording of the demo can be found here:  It is also on the Vetting Blackboard page from the LMS Review section of this site.

Thanks and have a great one! – Sasha

Considering moving from Blackboard

Stay informed this summer by “Following” our blog at  We’ve convened the Taskforce and are working on the Needs Analysis.  We’ll be conducting demos, creating a rubric, and exploring in sandbox environments this summer, and making a “down select” to reduce the options to 2 systems in August.

Let us know what you think!  Though we’ve completed the surveys, focus groups and interviews, there’s still ample opportunity to provide feedback.  Check out this page to fill out a feedback form.  Have a great summer, and stay in the loop!  – Sasha