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Blackboard Browser Issue

There is an identified Blackboard browser interaction issue on Internet Explorer.  We are working with ITS as we speak to apply a fix and do a rolling restart of Blackboard.  If you are experiencing issues with discussion forums, grade center, and a few other things, these will be resolved with this fix.

Our recommended browser for the highest usability is normally IE 9 or 10, however for the next few hours either use Firefox or turn off “Compatibility View”.  Please refer to the following posts for information on recommended browsers and on cut/paste issues from Fall 2013.



With thanks – Sasha

Camtasia Relay Update

A couple items relating to the status of Camtasia Relay:

  1. You don’t need to use portable recorders anymore on the Academic Image:)
  2. We had a system error today where 14 recordings were temporarily held.  Everything is working again.  Those recordings have been successfully processed.
  3. If you use a RevoLab microphone for your lecture capture – there is a problem with the computer not recognizing the microphone as the default recording and playback device.  The Learning Commons provided this solution:  Instructors must plug the RevoLabs base into the USB port and RESTART so the system can load the RevoLabs driver on startup. If the computer is already shut down, simply plug the base in and start up.
  4. Following testing, we have enabled a captioning profile for Camtasia Relay.  If you select this captioning profile (designed for accessibility purposes), note that only the Flash Video is captioned.  You will have to review and release your captioning transcription before the recording will be processed.  Please find step-by-step info here.  If you have questions about this, please contact us

With many thanks to Bill Fogarty and John Francway for their assistance, as well as Genevieve and Jeff Ballinger for their rapid responseJ  If you have any issues with these items, please contact us at: or 987-4257 so that we can get started on a solution for you. – Sasha

Adobe Connect Upgrade

This update only applies to faculty who currently have an Adobe Connect account/license.

The Tech Team in eLi will be conducting an upgrade of the Adobe Connect system on December 18 – 20.  There will be no access to Adobe Connect on these days.  We chose the outage window to provide minimal disruption to students and faculty.

The upgrade will provide some enhanced functionality and an updated interface.  It will also enable Adobe Connect to function fully on iOS.  It will impact faculty who have accounts on either the Breeze or Lithium servers, including those who primarily use Breeze for content hosting.  Those links are:  ( and  You may be contacted via email twice if you have both a Breeze and a Lithium account.

We will provide continuing updates here on the eLi blog.