EPICC: Edugaming at Tri-C

Diagram of EPICC

What is EPICC?  EPICC is Edugaming Positively Impacting College Completion.  It represents a holistic look at how gaming and other new learning models have the potential to dramatically improve student outcomes.

Click on this link to check out the matrix describing the EPICC infrastructure.

What are current projects of EPICC?  Our initial projects include the following:

1) The Academic Plan Game

The Academic Plan Game is an integrated approach to helping scale students creating and following their academic plan.  The project includes stakeholders from a wide range of college-wide departments including counseling faculty, faculty from GIG (see below,) eLearning and Innovation, Career Services, Enrollment Management, and more.

This holisitic approach attempts to make cohesive the process of creating and executing an academic plan from the student-as-user perspective, with dual goals of both providing students with a mechanism for creating a plan as well as motivational game mechanics to keep students progressing on track, and educating students as to what resources and services to take advantage of at the college to improve their progress and ultimately completion.

Interested in thoughts to date?  Check out the current status HERE.

2)  The Gaming Incubation Group (GIG)Free rice logo

The Gaming Incubation Group is a group of faculty and staff whose mission is to explore games in education – their design and development, their application and use in both physical and virtual environments, and to conceive and implement new projects that embed effective edugaming at Tri-C.

Outgrowth projects from this group include the Free Rice Competition, a month-long competition between classes that kicked off during National Distance Learning Week.  Read more about the Free Rice Competition in this article in the Campus Observer HERE.

Interested in learning more about EPICC?  Comment here and we’ll follow up!

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