What is mLearning?

mLearning (or mobile learning), is the genre of learning one step beyond online learning – it is online learning in mobile formats.  It includes learning delivered on mobile platforms – everything from smartphones to tablets and other handheld devices.

Why mLearning?

mLearning has a unique potential to contextualize learning for students – in addition to the obvious advantage of learning being available on the go.  The expanded use of tablet devices has made mLearning more feasible logistically.  In addition, mLearning:

  • Has huge potential to impact the expanded use of eTextbooks and bring down the cost of textbooks
  • Can contextualize learning using augmented reality
  • Can be used for everything from quick practice using flashcards, to taking an entire online course
  • Has the potential to expand the use of edugaming in education

Augmented Reality Potential in mLearning

When you view this video, try not to think about how cool the examples are.  Instead, try to envision the implications for learning.

Check out our diigo list – Mobile Learning in Higher Education HERE.

See Wikipedia’s article on mLearning HERE.

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