Faculty Resources

Looking for resources for eLearning Technologies?  Follow this link, or click on the image below to go to the public Tri-C page that has information, instructions, help videos and more on  Blackboard, Camtasia Relay, Respondus, Publisher Content, Sharestream, SoftChalk, and innovative projects.


Looking for Common Tools?  Login to Blackboard to find:

  • Course Site Request Tool
  • Cartridge Load Request Form
  • Blackboard Incompletes Tool
  • Manage Blackboard Support Users
  • Blackboard Server Status Log
  • Respondus and Studymate Author Download

Blended/Hybrid Learning

Revised ADA Compliant Online & Blended Syllabus Template Drafts (pending final review)

2 thoughts on “Faculty Resources”

    1. Hi Professor Tryk! Please go to the Blackboard tab of the myTri-C portal and select Manage Support Users. From there you will sign in, select your course and pick Add user. You can look up your team member by their last name. If you have any questions, or difficulty completing the steps just give eLi a call and we will be more than happy to assist.


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