Known Issues

Known Issues

This page is dedicated to Known Issues – issues that may be occurring with the eLearning Technologies that faculty and/or students need to be aware of.
You may also search the blog for “Known Issues” or “Support” in order to get a more historical, thorough perspective of possible known issues. For a list of issues impacting the updated version of Blackboard, visit this SP14+ Known Issues page. Click here to view older issues and alerts.

Grade Center Navigation Issue

Currently the Exit and Save and Exit buttons are not functioning properly in the Blackboard Grade Center. In addition, when moving through the student’s tests, you are presented with a leave or stay on the page message. To work around this issue,

To completely exit one student’s quiz and get back to Grade Center,  click a button completely out of Grade Center (such as Announcements or Lesson Button) or the Grade Center breadcrumb and then return to the Grade Center. When grading an attempt and you have the option of leaving or staying on the page instead of saving and submitting, choose leave. The grade will be recorded and one can move on to the next student’s attempt.

Access Denied message in unavailable discussion boards

With a recent update, we’ve uncovered a known Blackboard bug. If a discussion board is unavailable and you attempt to edit or create a posting, you’ll receive a Access Denied message. To get around this error, you have a few options,

  1. Make the discussion board available, make your changes, then make it unavailable again (if desired).
  2. If you don’t want the students to post yet or no longer want the forum to be available for students to post to, use the manage option from the pull down and make all of your students readers instead of participants. This will limit the students from making any new postings, while leaving the discussion board available for them to read, review, and learn from their peer’s posts.
  3. If grading an unavailable discussion board, grade using the option in the pull down or proceed with the previous step making the students readers instead of participants. You’ll then be able to read all the postings in context.

Commercial Content Tools area has been Renamed “Content Market”

Posted June 9, 2016

The Commercial Content link has been renamed “Content Market.” If a faculty member is trying to add publisher content to a course through the Commercial Content Tools, they now must instead click on “Content Market Tools” in the tools area of the course OR select Partner Content > Content Market from any content area.

Blackboard IM Currently Not Working

Posted June 6, 2016

Faculty and Students who attempt to access Blackboard IM from the tools area of their course sites are receiving the error “The specified resource was not found, or you do not have permission to access it.” In addition, faculty and students who have previously downloaded Blackboard IM are not seeing a current list of course sites and course members. We have contacted Blackboard and are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

Cannot Drag Content Items Above or Below the Visible Page

Posted May 27, 2016

Instructors who try to rearrange items in a content area are unable to drag them above or below the visible page. To work around this issue, when you are trying to click and drag an item up or down the page, scroll the mouse wheel at the same time to move the item above or below the visible portion of your screen.

Discussion List View vs. Tree View

Posted May 26, 2016

The Tree View option in Discussions doesn’t persist when going into a thread and back out. The view will revert to List View.

Grade Center Columns show Extra Decimal Places

Posted May 26, 2016

The decimal places for percentages are displaying out to 4 places in the Grade Center for weighted and calculated columns. The Grade Center should only display two decimal places for percentages. Blackboard is aware of the issue, but does not have a solution at this time. 

Safari 9 Issues with Blackboard

Posted May 2, 2016

Faculty and students using a Mac and Safari 9 with Blackboard are experiencing issues in the Grade Center and in pasting content in the text editor.

Faculty: when attempting to grade an attempt, the Grade Center does not respond and instead generates an error. Closing Safari and reloading will allow the Grade Center to load again, but the error will reoccur when grading attempts.

Faculty and Students: the Paste function does not work correctly in the text editor when using either the right-click context menu or the keyboard shortcut.

While both issues persist, Mac users are encouraged to use an alternative browser such as Chrome.

RESOLVED! Collaboration (Virtual Classroom & Chat) Not Available

Updated May 26, 2016 (Posted March 24, 2016)

The Virtual Classroom and Chat tools are working now for browsers that support Java.

The Blackboard Virtual Classroom and Chat tools are not currently functioning as intended.  Faculty who need collaboration functionality for their courses are encouraged to use WebEx, the newly available online meeting and collaboration tool available at the College. For more information and to get started with WebEx, visit

Grade Center Secondary Display Cannot be Set Back to None on Calculated Columns

Posted December 9, 2015

If a calculated column’s secondary display is set to anything other than ‘None’, the secondary display for the calculated column can then not be changed back to ‘None’.

If instructors no longer wish to use a secondary display in a calculated column, they will need to create a new calculated column that does not use the secondary display. The original calculated column can then either be deleted or hidden from students.

Student Preview uses Instructor Permissions when Viewing Files in Content System

Posted December 7, 2015

In Student Preview mode, when the instructor views files, the file permissions are based on his or her permissions rather than on the ‘demo student’s’ permissions. As a result, file links that might appear broken to students work for instructors during Student Preview.  This kind of permissions issue most commonly arises when a course using publisher material (particularly interactive HTML content with images) is copied. On rare occasions, publisher content does not copy all of the appropriate file permissions for students into a destination course. If this happens, the Online Technical Support team can work with the instructor to restore the appropriate file permissions for the students.

Blackboard is working on resolving the issue but does not have a resolution at this time. In the meantime, if students experience or report any difficulties viewing interactive HTML content in a course, they or their instructor should contact the Online Technical Support team for assistance.

Grade Center items are occasionally locked, preventing Instructor from entering a score

Posted October 13, 2015

Some instructors have found individual grade items in their Grade Centers that are locked and cannot be edited (in override mode.) These items are usually Assignments, sometimes Assignments in which an attempt was cleared or an override grade was given and then removed.

If instructors encounter a grade item that cannot be manually graded, there is a workaround available: click on the chevron next to the score field, open the grade details, navigate to the grade override tab, manually enter a new grade and submit.

Users are prompted to login when opening MS Office documents from Blackboard in IE 11

Posted October 12, 2015

When opening a Microsoft Office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) from a Blackboard course site, users are prompted to authenticate with their credentials. This occurs due to the way that Microsoft Internet Explorer Office interact. Blackboard does not have a solution at this time.  As a workaround, click “Cancel” when the prompt appears to open the  document. You can also use an alternate browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) to avoid the prompt when opening Microsoft Office documents.

RESOLVED! Cannot Include Received Attachment when Replying to or Forwarding Course Message

Updated May 26, 2016 (Posted August 20, 2015)

Faculty receive an error message when replying to or forwarding a Blackboard Course Message if they check the box to “include attachment” and including a file that the student originally attached on their course message.

As a workaround when replying or forwarding a message: if faculty need to modify or comment on the student’s submitted file, they can save it to their computer, make the necessary changes, and then use the “Upload Attachment” option to send the student the modified version of the file. If faculty want to send the student an unmodified copy of their submitted file, they can also save it to their computer and then use the “Upload Attachment” option to send the file. Note that the student should retain a copy of the file that they sent in their “Sent” folder in Course Messages, so may not require that faculty send their original unmodified file back to them.

Alternatively, faculty can use the Assignments feature in Blackboard. Students can attach a number of files to Assignment submissions and comment on their submitted files. When faculty access the submissions from the Grade Center, they can provide feedback to the student that will appear in their My Grades area. Their submitted files will remain visible to them from Assignment or from their Grades.

RESOLVED! SMS (Text) Notifications not available from Blackboard

Updated October 15, 2015 (Posted October 9, 2015)

Problem Description: SMS (Text) notifications are not available at this time from Blackboard. Students and faculty cannot choose to receive SMS messages, or modify previous settings. Blackboard is working on resolving the issue. In the meantime, students and faculty can still modify their notification settings to receive alerts via the Dashboard (shown in the Global Navigation area at the top right of the Blackboard screen) and/or email.

Resolution: Blackboard was able to reset all text messaging settings to restore functionality.

Retention Center Grade Alerts Do Not Match Grade Center Results

Posted October 9, 2015

Grade Alerts are not being triggered in the Retention Center even when student grades in the Grade Center meet the criteria to trigger an alert.  Blackboard has confirmed that this is an issue that arose in their most recent update to the Retention Center tool. They are working on a patch for the issue, but do not have one available at this time. Until we receive a patch or other resolution from Blackboard, the Grade Alert area of the Retention Center will not work as it should.

 Test Availability Exceptions for Dropped students Cause Test Options Errors

Posted July 17, 2015

After a Test has been created with Test Availability Exceptions and the user selected for the exception later is dropped from the class, further attempts to add Test Availability Exceptions or make other changes to the Test Options will result in errors. To resolve the issue, remove the Test Availability Exception for the dropped student, and subsequent changes can be completed.

RESOLVED! YouTube Mashup Videos generate error when clicked.

Updated August 20 (Posted June 9, 2015)
YouTube Videos embedded into Blackboard courses are now working.This issue occurred as a result of changes made by Google and YouTube on June 3, 2015, and was resolved on August 7, 2015.

Math Equation and HTML Editor Issues in Internet Explorer

Posted May 21, 2015
The Blackboard Math Equation Editor and HTML Editor, both available from the Visual Text Box Editor, are not functioning properly in Internet Explorer. Faculty and students who want to use the Math Equation Editor or HTML Editor to embed content can use an alternate browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.

RESOLVED! Collected Posts from Discussion Board Forums and Threads do not print properly

Updated June 4 (Posted May 21, 2015)
If an instructor collects threads from a discussion forum and selects Print Preview, only one or two of the threads at the top of the collection appear. The rest are cropped from the page and do not appear either in print preview or in the printed document. This occurs in every browser.  ITS and eLi are working with Blackboard to identify solutions to the issue.

Rubric Tool turned off in courses

Posted May 20, 2015
Instructors who used Blackboard rubrics in their courses prior to the Blackboard update on May 15 will need to make the rubric tool available in their course sites again. To do so, go to the Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability and check the box next to Rubrics to submit the change.  The tool works as normal, but was made unavailable in the update.

SoftChalk Create Media Search for YouTube video not working

Posted May 18, 2015
Due to a recent change in YouTube’s search tools, instructors using SoftChalk Create are unable to add YouTube video content to SoftChalk lessons using the Media Search function. As a workaround, we recommend using the SoftChalk Create Insert > Widget option. Search for the video directly on YouTube, then copy and paste the embed code into the Widget HTML area.

RESOLVED! Blackboard Collaboration tools (Virtual Classroom and Chat) not working

Updated May 27, 2015 (Posted May 18, 2015)
The Blackboard Collaboration tools (Virtual Classroom and Chat) are currently not loading properly.  ITS and eLi are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

YouTube Mashup, SlideShare Mashup and Video Everywhere not working

Posted May 11, 2015
Instructors and students are unable to add new content to Blackboard using the YouTube Mashup tool, the SlideShare Mashup tool, or Video Everywhere.  This is a result of changes made by Google to the way it links embedded content. Blackboard is working to resolve this issue.

The embed issues do not affect existing YouTube and SlideShare content in Blackboard.

In the meantime, faculty and students can add YouTube and SlideShare content to Blackboard using the iFrame embed codes provided by YouTube and SlideShare. To do so, copy the iFrame embed code from YouTube or SlideShare and paste it into the Visual Text Box using HTML mode. (See quick instructions here.)

Camtasia Videos

Updated September 3 (Posted February 4, 2015)
Mp4s created in Camtasia may not play in Internet Explorer 11. Camtasia is working on the issue. In the meantime please advise your students to use Chrome and Firefox to view your Camtasia videos instead of IE11.

Faculty using Camtasia Relay receive multiple formats for their presentation, including a Windows Media (Large) file that will play in IE11.   Faculty can use this file as an alternative to the MP4 file. If Mac users want to view a WMV file, they can do so using the free VLC Media Player (available for both Mac and PC.)

We do recommend that faculty who provide the WMV file also consider providing the MP4 file for students to use, as MP4 files work better on mobile devices.


Posted February 4, 2015
Instructors using older versions of Respondus Campus wide, and Respondus Studymate may experience difficulty connecting to courses in Blackboard when attempting to publish tests.  If you experience this issue you will need install a new version of Respondus on your computer.  Contact the help Desk at (216) 987-4357 for new license installation information.

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