Tri-C Private SoftChalk Cloud

Click Here to see the TechFest Tri-C Private SoftChalk Cloud video clip!

What’s New with Tri-C SoftChalk Cloud

Access!  All Faculty have access to SoftChalk.

  • Go to and log in with your S# and network password.
  • Remember: from now on you will always open the SoftChalk Create application from your Tri-C SoftChalk Cloud account.                       

Hyperlinks, LTI links and Embed code! Each lesson or activity created in SoftChalk  simultaneously creates all of the following:

  • a hyperlink for sharing the lesson outside of Blackboard,
  • An LTI link for publishing activities to Blackboard and getting scores in the Grade Center, and
  • an IFrame embed code for publishing your lesson to your personal website.  eLi recommends always using the LTI link to publish in Blackboard so you will have the option to get student scores on your SoftChalk activities and lessons.


  • Faculty can log into the Tri-C SoftChalk Cloud from any computer with internet access.
  • Every lesson or activity linked to Blackboard with an LTI link will update automatically when updated in the cloud.
  • Version updates automatically update linked lessons.

Click the links below for instructions to Get Started using the Tri-C SoftChalk Cloud

Getting Started with Tri-C SoftChalk Cloud Private                                     Moving Existing Files to Tri-C SoftChalk Cloud

Use the links listed below to view step-by-step help with getting started and using SoftChalk Cloud Private.

Cuyahoga Community College’s private cloud URL address is This is the link you use to log in to SoftChalk. Use your S# as your Username, and your network password as your password.

Starting Softchalk Create from the Cloud  

Saving, Previewing & Publishing to the Cloud

How to Create a Lesson                               

How to Open a Local Older Lesson                         

Publish a Lesson to Blackboard using an LTI link

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