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qm logoTri-C is a member school of Quality Matters (QM), which is a leader in quality for online education and has received national recognition for its peer-based approach to continuous improvement in online education and student learning.  As part of this program, faculty can complete professional development, become certified peer reviewers, and submit their course to earn official QM recognition.  For more about Quality Matters, visit: http://www.qualitymatters.org.

This great overview by Steven Crawford at Arizona State University provides a good start on understanding QM:

Tri-C is also a leader school in the Ohio Quality Matters Consortium, as a member of the Ohio Executive Board.  Visit the Ohio QM Website at: http://qmohio.org/.


  • Participate in national research-based program for quality in online education
  • Provide faculty development support for instructional design best practices in online, blended, and web-enhanced education.

What does earning Official QM Recognition Mean?  The Quality Matters Rubric is a set of 8 general standards and 41 specific standards used to evaluate the design of online and blended courses.  To become officially QM Recognized a course: 1) Completed review by a 3-person trained team, including one Master Reviewer, one Subject Matter expert and at least one External Reviewer), 2) Meet All of the 3-Point essential standards, and 3) Earn a total overall score of 81 out of 95 points.  Learn more about the course review process on QM’s site here:  https://www.qualitymatters.org/reviews.

Interested in seeing if your course may be ready to submit?  Check out this resource page from QM, which takes you through a checklist to determine if your course may be ready.  At Tri-C, faculty work with the instructional designer at their campus to prepare their course for the QM Review process.

Tri-C has 40 QM Recognized Courses

  • Accounting – ACCT 1340
    Faculty Developer:  Linda Muren
  • Business Administration – BADM 2010
    Faculty Developer: Sandy Moses
  • Captioning & Court Reporting
    CCR 1521, CCR2400, CCR 2450, CCR1210, CCR 2300, CCR 2840, CCR 1620, CCR 1630, CCR 1220, CCR 1610, CCR 1200, CCR 1340, CCR 1100, CCR 1000, CCR 1450, CCR 1330, CCR 2200, CCR 2470, CCR 2490, CCR 2601, CCR 1350, CCR 1400, CCR 1520, CCR 1600, & CCR 1300
    Faculty Developers:  Kolleen Barnes & Jen Krueger
  • English -ENG 1010
    Faculty Developer: Raj Mohan
  • English – ENG 1020
    Faculty Developer: Raj Mohan
  • English – ENG 1020
    Faculty Developer: Mike Piero
  • English – ENG 2630 – British Literature II
    Faculty Developer: Mike Piero
  • Information Technology – IT1025 Online
    Faculty Developer:  Kathy Tamerlano
  • Math – Math 0980 Blended
    Faculty Developer: Don Gabriel
  • Medical Terminology – MA 1020
    Faculty Developer:  Dr. Donna Jimison
  • MOOC – PreAlegebra (Continuing Education Rubric)
    Faculty Developers: MOOC Team
  • Philosophy – PHIL1020
    Faculty Developer: Sam LiPuma
  • Philosophy – 2060
    Faculty Developer: Ursula Matias
  • Psychology – 1010
    Faculty Developer: Dr. Courtney Kelley
  • Radiography – RADT 2350 Blended
    Faculty Developers: Debbie Allen & Theresa Anastakasis
  • Sociology – SOC 1010 
    Faculty Developer: Robyn White
  • Teaching for Online Learning Series (Continuing Education Rubric)
    Course Developers:  Office of eLearning & Innovation, Office of Teaching, Learning and Academic Professional Development, and Title III Committee.

Certified Peer Reviewers:
Peer Reviews have completed the Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) Workshop and have completed the Peer Reviewer Certification workshop.  To become an eligible Peer Reviewer, individuals must have taught online or blended courses in the past 18 months AND complete the Memo of Understanding.

  • Click here to view the list of Tri-C’s Certified Peer Reviewers
    This is the list of Certified Peer Reviewers for the Higher Education Rubric at Tri-C.  These faculty are eligible to serve on Ohio Bartered Reviews to earn credits towards free Official QM Review and Service Credits.   *Master Reviews are Peer Reviewers who have completed at least two Peer Reviews and successfully completed the Master Reviewer Training.

Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) Trained Faculty & Staff:
The APPQMR workshop is QM’s flagship workshop on the QM Rubric and the process of using the QM Rubric to review online courses. It is intended for a broad audience, including but not limited to faculty, instructional designers, administrators, and adjunct instructors who wish to understand more about the QM Rubric and process of course review.   The APPQMR is the pre-requisite for the Peer Reviewer Course, which is the required course to become a QM Peer Reviewer.

  • Click here to view the list of trained faculty and staff

Need to decide if APPQMR or sending a course through QM is right for you?  Check out the decision tree provided by QM below:

Quality Matters Decision Tree
Quality Matters Decision Tree

For More Information, contact:

Sasha Thackaberry
District Director, eLearning Technologies


Melanie Thompson 
Project Specialist, Digital Education, The Office of eLearning & Innovation

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