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Update:  Focus groups were held on April 17 – 23 at each campus for faculty, staff, and students.  Additional feedback was received via College-wide surveys that were sent out via email and postings on multiple college sites (My Tri-C Space, this blog, Bb login page, etc.)  Interviews with key stakeholders were also conducted.

If you were not able to participate in these feedback opportunities, don’t worry!  We still want to hear from you!  Find a feedback form embedded below that the Taskforce will be able to look at to take all input into consideration!  You can fill out the form right from this page!

The below information is NOT current – it is provided for documentation purposes.  The focus groups, surveys, and interviews have been completed.  

We are currently promoting focus groups which will be held for students, faculty and staff at each of the four campuses.  There is still time to register!  Registration is space-limited to 10 – 12 participants, so be sure to register to get those last few available slots.  Times and registrations are below.

Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) TechForum LMS Review Team is excited to invite you to participate in a Focus Group for the Learning Management System (LMS) Review.  Tri-C currently uses Blackboard as our LMS.

These focus groups with individuals will allow you to share your opinion regarding current and future needs for a LMS here at Tri-C as we analyze if we should stay with Blackboard or move to another option like Moodle, Canvas or Desire2Learn. You will be given the chance to voice your opinion during a focus group conducted by Mindwires Consulting.

Why are we doing focus groups about the LMS? Here’s why:

The Office of eLearning and Innovation in partnership with the TechForum LMS Review Team is leading an LMS Review.  The purpose of the review is to analyze different LMS’s in order to determine whether the current LMS (Blackboard) is still the best choice for Tri-C or whether a different system would serve the college more effectively.

We need your help! Be a part of the Team!

One of the assumptions guiding the review is that the process must be inclusive and give all who use the LMS an opportunity to give input. To gather this input, the Review Team is conducting individual  and group interviews,surveys and  (this is where you come in) focus groups.

Tell Us!

  1. Your perceptions of the current state of the LMS (Blackboard at Tri-C),
  2. Aspects of the LMS that you currently use and what you envision as future needs; and
  3. Any learning tools associated with the LMS you currently use or would like to be using in the future.

Register for the Focus Group today…it’s quick and easy!

Just click on the campus name link below that has your preferred time and location.  Fill in a few details and you’re registered for the focus group.  Focus groups start Thursday, April 17, so don’t delay!

Thank you for participating in this important initiative!

Sincerely, The Tech Governance LMS Review Team




Surveys will be sent out shortly college-wide – be sure to fill yours out when it comes!

19 thoughts on “Provide Feedback to the Taskforce”

    1. Hi Kim –

      Thanks for your comment! Just a few responses for clarification:). Cloud-based services are what most LMSs are moving towards as a model – it’s an industry standard as opposed to a preference, though there are plusses and minuses on either side.

      Blackboard is not necessarily going away. It is one of the three remaining systems that will be vetting, sandboxes, and discussed, along with Canvas and Desire2Learn/Blackboard.

      Please help us get the word out so that other faculty don’t think Blackboard is automatically going away and that the model we’re moving to is becoming the common model for colleges and universities:).

      If you check out the “LMS Review” page you’ll find the information about the purpose of the LMS Review, what it entails, and the accompanying timeline. There’s also a great presentation from MindWires on the LMS marketplace and the newer options.

      The system is long-due for a review – 18 years is a long time to not explore other options – particularly in technology! If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out directly – You can always email me at Sasha.thackaberry at – Sasha

  1. Where can we check out demos of the other 2 finalist. I like Blackboard and have gotten used to how it works. Switiching for me wouldn’t be an easy thing as I’d have to get used to an enitrely new system on top of completing work for classes.

    1. Hi Kim –
      The demos are under the “LMS Review” tab if you check out the separate pages for Canvas and Desire2Learn.

      Blackboard is actually going to be changing their system significantly, and we’re moving to a cloud-based architecture, so changes are coming regardless. What we’ve heard from faculty is that if we were to make a change, it would have to be because of compelling advantages due to the comfort factor with the current system. Any change would come with content migration, so you wouldn’t have to build your courses from the ground-up, though all courses would undoubtedly need some updates after migration occurs.

      Many colleges are actually either in process of doing this, or have done it recently. The systems have changed so much that there are many advantages to different systems. It’s not an issue of “bigger better newer” though – it’s an issue of what can work best for our students and faculty. Technology moves so fast now that change is inevitable:) I moved from an iPad to a Windows 8 tablet and love it – but I still have my iPhone. So it’s about user need and experience.

      I hope that helps!

  2. I am currently using Canvas as a student and I love how easy it is, how well it integrates with any emails (I have 2 accounts) and the benefit of the mobile app. I have set up for my assignments and discussuions posts to be sent to me via email on a daily report. I can get reminders for assignments and see if others have commented or responded to my discussions. I also have comments from my instructor in that daily report.

  3. Hi Sasha,
    I thought the survey submission date had passed, but I just filled it out and the system gave this responses:
    “LMS Review Continuous Feedback Form
    Your response has been recorded. Thank you for providing feedback to the Taskforce! Please encourage others to provide feedback as well throughout the process, and to stay informed by “Following” the eLi blog at:”

    I really like Bb and think it has all the bells and whistles necessary with continual updates. For instance, I like the video “mashup” feature that was added? What has spawned this interest in a possible switch.

    It should be remembered that there is an immense amount of time, stress, and energy (none of which we are reimbursed for) that goes into a move to a new LMS.

    I’d like to contine being a part of this discussion process is there is more to be done.

    1. Hi Andrew –

      Thanks for your feedback! The form you filled out isn’t one of the formal “surveys” that were conducted by our consultants. We created this feedback form to provide a continual avenue by which anyone College-wide can give us feedback on the process.

      A full reasoning for why the LMS Review is being conducted is on the LMS Review page (click directly on the “LMS Review” link in the upper right-hand corner, not on the links in the drop down). This will have all the info about why it is being conducted at Tri-C. As an interesting side note, we have a Work Group working on researching what other colleges have undergone similar processes recently, and there are many who have conducted LMS Reviews. But the full info is on that other page.

      Keep the questions coming:) Sasha

  4. Doesn’t Blackboard own the market? Are they responsive to our needs?
    Seems like they keep buying up the other smaller vendors so what difference would it make eventually if we changed?

    I like BB but I am not adverse to trying something different. I have used Moodle (QM Review course) and WEBCT many, many years ago. I believe BB owns the WEBCT product, no?

    1. Hi Linda –

      They have, especially historically, had the majority of the market. There’s this great graph from our Mindwires consultants on slide “4” of their presentation on the LMS Review Process and Documents page here: that really illustrates how they’ve grown through acquisition.

      There are other larger vendors that are likely not going to be eaten by Blackboard, including Canvas and Desire2Learn, as well as open source systems like Moodle and Sakai that have multiple hosting vendors with customized proprietary features.

      Bb did buy WebCT and Angel both. They’re actually still supporting Angel as a standalone. They also bought MoodleRooms and NetSpot, two of the three recommended hosting partners with Moodle in the US. We’re having MoodleRooms and Remote Learner (another Moodle host solution) come in for demos.

      Let us know other questions:) Thanks! – Sasha

  5. Why don’t you have an available time for those of us who work and probably use the online learning more than anyone?

    1. Hi Teri –

      Even though you can’t come to the face-to-face focus groups, please be sure to complete the survey. There’s a portion where you can provide any additional information you want to be included in the analysis – and we want to hear it. The campus-based focus groups are important to get that specific perspective – and we want all perspectives, which is specifically why the College-wide survey is being done. Additionally, if you have any other input you want us to hear please go ahead and post it here, or feel free to email me at and I’ll be sure to share with the Taskforce.

      We value all input which is why it’s a highly participatory and transparent process. Please do participate! The focus groups are only one mechanism. Please check out all the info that’s currently posted and let us know what you think about it via these comments:) – Sasha

    2. Side note – I’m a student myself at Kent State now as well, and am taking mainly online and hybrid courses. So I am in the boat of working and going to school online myself – your voice needs to be heard whether you’re using the system as a faculty member or as a student! – Sasha

      1. HI Elizabeth –

        The survey was available for three weeks but is now closed. There are some other avenues for providing feedback –
        1) Comment on any of the LMS pages (like you did here, but with thoughts on Bb)
        2) Leave info on the LMS Continuous Feedback form, added just now to the LMS Review page:)


        1. why not use adobe connect to have actual virtual classes and their records to view later for refresh or if missed live class?
          and why our course materials for courses we have passed are not available for us anymore? what if someone needs access to it for refreshment.

          1. Hi Alex –

            We do have Adobe Connect available to full-time faculty who teach fully-online. Faculty can record sessions and post them in Blackboard sites. If you have a faculty member who is interested in this, please have them contact us.

            Access to previous course materials would depend upon instructor. While courses close 7 days after the end of semester, you should be able to retain your copies of your course materials. If you need to keep links, etc., you can copy/paste into a doc for yourself. The only exception would be that you cannot copy tests etc. You can always double-check with the instructor for their specific policy if it differs from this.

            With thanks! – Sasha

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