Documents and Meeting Notes

On this page, you’ll find information on the process, and documentation of where we are in the process.

Video Updates
Interested in knowing why we formed the LMS Review Taskforce and who is participating in it? Would you like to know how to send the Taskforce your input? Find out by watching this short video: “What you need to know about the LMS Review”.

Grouped LMS Review pic

Who is on the Taskforce?  We’ve assembled a coalition of dedicated Tri-C faculty, staff, administration and students from across the College.  LMS Review Taskforce Membership List Updated 2-2-2015

Check out this GREAT video recap of the process by our own John Kerezy from West and Angela Mensah from East:

Here are new marketing pieces that you should receive in your inbox and see posted on all campuses:

LMS Review Flyer
LMS Review Poster

Let us know what you think!  Though the surveys, focus groups and interviews have been completed, we have created an LMS Review Continuous Feedback form so that you can share your thoughts with the Taskforce at any point.  Find that form here.

Bi-Weekly Meeting Notes

Under 60 Seconds Bi-Weekly Progress Updates

Docs and Progress

Note that documents will be updated with feedback from the College-wide community as we move forward.

Presentation from Mindwires Consultants

Initial Day-Long LMS Review Taskforce Information

Survey Results from Windwires Consultants

Please note that the survey results contain the opinions of respondents. No comments have been edited for accuracy, nor are comments meant to be representative. Still, the LMS Taskforce believes in sharing this survey and focus-group feedback for the insights in may offer in how some people (faculty, staff, and students) perceive the LMS/Blackboard, how they use it, and what they might envision for the future.

Other Resources

We are not the first!  Other colleges and universities have conducted LMS reviews.  Check out some of their materials and resources below.

Dated Updates
You can find previous updates on the LMS Review process on the blog.  If you subscribe to the eLearning and Innovation blog by entering your preferred email address in the field on the left-hand sidebar, you will get automatic updates in your email when posts are created.  This will keep you up-to-date on progress.  You can also filter or search for “LMS Review” on the main blog page to view older LMS Review-related posts.

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