Vetting Canvas

Canvas Lovo

Instructure Canvas is one of the Learning Management Systems that is under review for future use by Tri-C.

The LMS Review Taskforce conducted a full demo with Canvas on Monday, July 14.  It is about 90 minutes long, and includes Q&A. We apologize for the audio phasing in and out at some points through the recording.

As a follow up to the demos on Monday, July 14, we sent a set of questions regarding the demos to Canvas.  Here is the copy of the questions and Canvas’s responses.

Vendor Provided Information

Canvas is a newer LMS system.  Find their website here:

And a short explanation video here:

Video demos on specific tools and functionality in Canvas

Canvas provided the following additional information about their LMS:

Indiana University recently selected Canvas after piloting the three most common commercially supported learning management systems.

Take a look at the results of evaluations done by other Canvas users:

For all of the powerful tools Canvas offers, there’s only one that really matters (no pressure, but it’s you). We built Canvas by asking what you wanted in an LMS—we have continued to grow it through your feedback and suggestions. It’s a philosophy that makes sense to us: put technology on the side of the individuals who can use it to chart the future of learning.

Since January of 2012, over 300 colleges and universities have made the switch to Canvas. What they’ve discovered…

Since Rider University switched to Canvas from its previous LMS, faculty adoption has doubled as support requests have declined. Faculty say it’s all because Canvas is fun to use.

“It just works.” “It’s easy to use.” “It lives up to high hopes.” These are just some of the reasons San Jose State University switched to Canvas.

From the academic technology coordinator at Colorado State University: “I’ve worked in Academic Technology for 7 years now, and used 7 different LMSs from various points of view including: student, support, administrator, and instructor. After all of this I can say that Canvas is, unequivocally, the best. So often I catch myself thinking ‘How did I ever survive before Canvas?’”

The CTO at Michigan Tech: “Our transition to Canvas has been smooth, and we are very pleased with our decision. In hindsight, my only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner.”

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