BioSig Pilot

Overview: Biometric Signatures, LLC is a process by which a user’s identity can be authenticated by utilizing a process that goes beyond password and log in. Biometric Signatures harnesses biometric technology to identify and record unique characteristics for an individual. Users are then prompted to authenticated to gain access to secure sites such as Blackboard. BioSig can also be used to authenticate students by assessment or randomly to verify student identity.

Goals: The goals of the pilot are

  • To determine the viability of using BioSig to authenticate the identity of Cuyahoga Community College students taking classes in Blackboard
  • To proactively respond to expected federal guidelines on verifying student identity

Participants: Judith Barker, Ashlee Brand, Edward Durkin, Ky Heinlen, George Kanieski, Christopher Kinsella, Donya Waugy, and Anne Marie Yunker.


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