eLi TechFest

logo_smallTechFest is over and the reviews are in:
“TechFest was a brilliant way to engage the audience and provide an update on the various instructional technology offerings. ” Sonja Siler Asst. Professor of Political Science.  “The TechFest presentation I attended on 2/17/14 was time very well spent!  In addition to the session being extremely informative the material was presented in an exciting and enjoyable format.” Richard London, Asst Professor of Biology.  “What a great way to meet the Tech Team.  The service, the popcorn, everything was great.” Ursula Matias, Adjunct Instructor, Philosophy.

Thanks to everyone who attended. If you were unable to  attend, don’t worry, you can use get information about the updated technologies on their respective Adobe Connect, Camtasia, and Tri-C Private SoftChalk Cloud blog pages or just click the links below to view a recap of the “movies” we shared with faculty.  The information we shared on Current Pilots and the LMS review is also linked here as well. If you have questions on any of the technology you can  post them on the blog or give us a call at 216 987-4257.

Tri-C Private SoftChalk Cloud Clip
Camtasia Clip
Adobe Connect Clip
Info on BioSig and Proctor U Pilots
Info on the LMS Review


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