Tri-C launched our first Dev Ed Math MOOC in March 2012!

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A MOOC is a Massively Open Online Course – an online course designed to serve large numbers of students.  They can be free or extremely low cost, and many institutions are working on models of sustainability that charge students for certificates, testing, or college credit once they have been successful in the course.  Find the continually transforming definition on Wikipedia.

Tri-C’s Dev Ed Math MOOC


Tri-C is the first community college in Ohio (and possibly the first colleges in the nation) to offer a MOOC. The MOOC uses game mechanics, integrates Open Educational Resources from Khan Academy and others, and provides competency-based virtual badges.  No Tri-C credit is attached to this learning experience, but students may use their certificate of completion to retake the COMPASS test in order to be placed into higher level Math classes.  We are using Blackboard’s CourseSites platform, which is very similar to Blackboard Learn.

Five of Tri-C’s faculty were involved in the design, development, and facilitation of the MOOC:

  • Professor Idrissa Aidara
  • Professor Don Gabriel
  • Professor Curtis Kaschube
  • Professor Cathleen Rossman
  • Professor Michael Wilkins

Want to learn about the results of our experimentation?  Check out our great results in the grant report to the Gates Foundation.  

Students can register by going to:  Four sections of the MOOC were facilitated in March, April, May and June of 2012.  The current course is open to everyone, but is unfacilitated.

For more information, visit:

Are you an educator wanting to check out the MOOC?
Use this info to access a preview version of the course.   This will help us maintain data integrity by including in our data set only students actually interested in taking the course.  

Want to know more?  Check out the FAQs HERE.and the site shares the same look and feel as our current Blackboard courses.  The MOOC will use game mechanics to maximize student motivation.

Want a printable?  Check out this one-pager overview of the MOOC.

This is the information from Quality Matters about the project.  It will be the first time that Quality Matters is involved in a MOOC!

This is the formal announcement from the Gates Foundation.

Want to hear it from Inside Higher Ed?  Check out their article HERE.

Our very own has info on it too!  Check out their article HERE.

Questions?  Leave a comment below and we’ll follow up with answers on the blog!

Interested in MOOCs in general, and possible future considerations?  Check out the SlideShare presentation below:

3 thoughts on “MOOCs”

  1. Will these be similar to the Math Bridge classes offered in the first two weeks of the semester? And how do students register for them?

    1. Great question. The objectives covered are similar to the bridge courses (the specific content is just delivered via different vehicles – video, interactive exercises, etc., so that’s not exactly the same.) Students will be provided with a link to access the course directly from Course Sites (they won’t go through Tri-C’s registration process separately.) Does that help? – Sasha

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