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Flipping Assessment & Other Cool Ways to Gauge Learning

Interested in learning about some great ways to make assessment more collaborative and relevant?  Check out this article from Faculty Focus on ways to flip assessment.

My favorite new idea that I want to implement in my class asap?  Suggestion #2 from author Dr. Susan Spangler:

Have students fill in evidence of learning on their assignment/course rubric. Give students a modified rubric with the articulation for the highest achievement level and leave a blank space for them to write in. This flipped assessment strategy enables students to reflect on their learning and take an active role in the grading process by directing the instructor’s attention to their achievements. Instead of passively “receiving” a grade, students actively guide the instructor in assessing their work in a particular context, one that the students articulate for the instructor. This method, coupled with the last, allows students to participate in authentic assessment situations that they might face in job performance assessments as current or future employees.

Looking for more assessment-related resources?  Check out these links for more info:

And of course, our own examples are posted in the Faculty Instructional Design Toolkit on the Instructional Design Page.

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