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Camtasia Relay updates Coming Soon!

The Office of eLearning & Innovation and Information Technology Services will be updating Camtasia Relay on Friday, December 18. The new version of Relay offers similar functionality to the current version of Relay, but has been renamed “TechSmith Relay.” TechSmith Relay will support Windows 10 as well as both Mac OSX Yosemite and Mac OSX El Capitan. The new TechSmith Relay Recorder also will enable faculty to upload existing video and image files. Stay tuned for more information!


Have You Tried Camtasia Relay?

Camtasia Relay is a Screen Recording software.  You can use it for live lecture capture, or to capture a video clip or demonstration from your computer screen or to record narration over Power Point slides.

Camtasia automatically creates a link that can be shared in Blackboard or via Youtube.  Best of all Camtasia Relay is college supported technology and available to faculty in both the classroom and on your office work station.  So, Have you tried Camtasia Relay?

Click on the videos below and learn how to give Relay a try!
CAmtasia relay promo cover