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Laptops become wave of the future

Here’s an interesting post on the value of laptops, written by students at Council Rock High School-North in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

The Indiamite

September 24, 2010

Laptops Become Wave of The Future

As students, we all love technology. We love that we can write an essay on the computer and we don’t technically have to know how to spell. We enjoy being able to do all of our research for a paper without having to go to a library, or even open a book. We can watch a teacher giving a lecture and be completely understanding because of the aide of the technological advancements behind them. If asked if technology should be advanced the answer is always “yes” and students should be one of the major recipients of this technology.

Students are the ones who will be leading the world of tomorrow and they are the ones who need to keep up with the technology of today. What would be a better way of helping students than giving them the access to a laptop at every moment of teaching?

Full article available at http://goo.gl/15mN