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Updates on Blackboard for Summer 2016

Blackboard at Tri-C was upgraded to a new version and new hardware on May 19-20, 2016.  While there are not many changes to the functionality and design for faculty and students, here are a few new and newly resolved issues to note:

New Known Issues

  • Discussion List View vs. Tree View: The Tree View option in Discussions doesn’t persist when going into a thread and back out. The view will revert to List View
  •  Grade Center Columns show Extra Decimal Places: The decimal places for percentages are displaying out to 4 places in the Grade Center for weighted and calculated columns.

Newly Resolved Known Issues

  • Collaboration (Virtual Classroom & Chat) Not Available – Resolved: The Collaboration tools are again available in Blackboard.  Faculty who need collaboration functionality for their courses are still encouraged to use WebEx, a powerful online meeting and collaboration tool available at the College for both faculty and students. For more information and to get started with WebEx, visit http://itservices.tri-c.edu/network/webex-for-faculty-and-staff.html
  • Cannot Include Received Attachment when Replying to or Forwarding Course Message – Resolved: Faculty and students replying to or forwarding a course message can now include the received attachment with their reply message.

Other Issues

  • Delayed course creation – Resolved: Course creation was delayed after the Blackboard upgrade, but is now fully functional. There may be continued slight delays due to higher than usual course request volume before the summer semester begins on May 31.

Additional updates to the status of new and resolved known issues will be available at https://elearningandinnovation.com/faculty-resources/known-issues/. Updated help and support documents are available on the Online Learning pages at http://www.tri-c.edu/online-learning/elearning-technologies/index.html for both Students and for Faculty.

For further assistance with Blackboard Learn, the Online Technical Support team can be reached via phone or email:

  • Call 216-987-4257
  • Email eLiFacultySupport@tri-c.edu or eLearning@tri-c.edu

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Microsoft Store

We’ve been blogging about success rates for online courses for the past few days.  And wouldn’t you know it…

So I’m at the Microsoft Store attempting to get my Surface Pro 3 updated because it is not behaving properly.  I strike up a conversation with a woman in a similar situation and – I am not making this up – it turns out she is a Tri-C student, graduating this May.  She asked me what I did at Tri-C, and when I told her I worked in the online division, hilarity ensued.

Her reasons for choosing online:

  • Saves time
  • Works with her schedule
  • As a busy mom, that’s important!

Another Tri-C success story!  Congratulations to Rebecca who will graduate in May!

YouTube Mashup Fixed & Blackboard Info

As you may have been aware, this summer there was a problem with YouTube videos that were added to Blackboard using the Mashup tool.  Blackboard recently released a fix which we tested and then implemented in our system.  YouTube videos that have been added to courses through the Mashup tool should now work!

Known Issues are updated and posted on this page:  https://elearningandinnovation.com/faculty-resources/known-issues/.  You can access it by going to Faculty Resources > Known Issues.

In related news, you may have noticed that the company Blackboard may be exploring a sale.  Blackboard has been sold before, most recently in 2011. An acquisition would impact them at a corporate and structural level and should not change your day-to-day experience.  All of your files and content will be maintained in the same way.

As always, please “Follow” us by entering your email into the field on the left-hand sidebar of the eLi blog.  You’ll receive automatic emails when news and upgrade notices are posted.


New Blackboard Organization from My Tri-C Space

Beginning July 13, 2015, how you interact with Blackboard from My Tri-C Space will change.  

My Tri-C Space is being upgraded, and we’re upgrading how you access your critical Blackboard resources (both faculty and students.)  Now all the core features you needed from the Blackboard tab will be within My Blackboard, which is the page you “land” on immediately after logging into Blackboard.

Check out our fantastic before and after pics below.

Before 😦

My Blackboard Page - Before


Screenshot of Blackboard module page after changes
You can find your core faculty resources in the left-hand “channel,” help is in your upper right-hand corner, your updates are right in the middle, and your courses haven’t moved.  There’s a library module and, in the upper left-hand corner, we’ll show you how to access Blackboard using “Global Navigation.”  It lets you easily find your grades and discussion board posts across courses, and lets you customize alerts you want to receive for due dates or assessments.


It’s Official….

Following a fourteen-month Learning Management System Review process, Tri-C has selected Blackboard to be its continuing LMS provider moving forward.

There's More to Learn_Blackboard logoThe work has just begun!  We now start a redesign of the training based on faculty feedback, and prepare for the launch of Ultra in 2016.

Thanks for being part of the process!  If you’d like to see any part of the play-by-play, use the search box in the upper right-hand corner with keyword “LMS.”  You can also check out all of the pages under “LMS Review.”


Reminder – Blackboard Upgrade

Blackboard will be unavailable for maintenance from 4am – 12pm on May 15, 2015

In preparation for the upcoming Summer 2015 term, the Office of eLearning & Innovation and Information Technology Services will be applying updates to Blackboard on Friday, May 15.

To complete these updates, Blackboard will be unavailable the morning of Friday, May 15 between 4am-12pm.

After the updates, faculty and students will see some new and enhanced Blackboard functionality. These new improvements will include new Anonymous Grading and SafeAssign options.  We’ll be sharing more about what you can do with these options throughout the next few weeks.

There are also always unexpected surprises.  If you notice anything strange, please contact eLifacultysupport@tri-c.edu.

LMS Decision SOON!

What has been going on with the LMS Review?  Great question!  We are currently in the sandboxing process.  That means the nearly 40 member Taskforce and an additional 24 faculty are in all three potential systems, trying out features, interacting in courses, and testing.  These three systems are Blackboard, Canvas and D2L/Brightspace.

What’s next?  On Thursday, February 26th the Taskforce will make a recommendation for a system.  That recommendation will then proceed through the internal committee process for funding – the Technology Governance Steering Committee is involved, then a Board committee, and finally it will be presented for Board approval in the March 26th meeting.

Questions?  Contact your campus faculty communication contact:

  • West – Professor John Kerezy
  • Westshore – Professor Matt Piero
  • Metro – Professor Pat Stansberry
  • East – Professor Angela Mensah

All meeting minutes and info is posted on this blog.  Click on the LMS Review tab in the upper right-hand corner, or hover over it to see the subpages.

Thanks! – Sasha

Downselect Results – Which LMSs are still in the running?

LMS Review LogoNow (drumroll) – the results of the LMS Review downselect (we started with 5 systems and are down to 3 systems)!  We have officially come to consensus. We are moving ahead with Blackboard, Canvas and Desire2Learn/Brightspace.

I am thrilled to report that all full-time faculty Taskforce members weighed in.  Keeping the process focused on learning and teaching is the name of the game!  

Interested in the “official” consensus tally?  Find the results here:  https://breeze.tri-c.edu/downselect/.  Interested in knowing who is on the Taskforce?  Find that list here:  https://breeze.tri-c.edu/lmsreview_taskforce_membership/.  Want a video overview of the process?  Check that out here.

Want to look at the consensus tool we’ve used?  Find that here:  https://breeze.tri-c.edu/consensustool/.

What’s next?

Now, we’ll be entering the “Sandbox Phase”.  This means that the Taskforce and an additional 20 volunteer faculty will actually go into Blackboard, Canvas and Desire2Learn/Brightspace and “play” – testing out functionality.  In March, we will make our formal recommendation, based both on discussions of learning and teaching advantages, Tri-C culture, and the rubric results.  (The rubric is a tool in our process, not the decision).

How can you help?  How can you get involved?

  1. “Follow” the eLearning and Innovation blog for all LMS-related updates.
  2. Help us get the word out and avoid miscommunication!  Send other faculty, staff and students to the blog for accurate information.
  3. Check out the systems yourself!  We have vendor demos on the blog.
  4. Respond to our feedback form, which is always up:  https://elearningandinnovation.com/lms-review/focus-group-dates-times/.

We have been working on the LMS Review since January of 2013.  The full Taskforce was convened in May 2013.  Find all our meeting notes and working information here:  https://elearningandinnovation.com/lms-review/lms-process-and-documents/. What assumptions did we start with?  I’m glad you asked!  Find them here, or below.

There are several assumptions that are guiding the investigation into a possible new LMS implementation at Tri-C.  They are:

  1. The current LMS (Blackboard) may or may not be the best institutional fit for an LMS.  This can only be determined by a review of all feasible LMSs.
  2. There will not be an LMS that matches perfectly with the college’s needs.
  3. Only with a thorough review of enterprise-level LMSs can we determine what the best institutional fit for the needs of students, faculty, and staff will be.
  4. The process must be inclusive.  All are encouraged to participate and provide feedback as we conduct a needs analysis, prioritize our needs, and implement a rubric-based selection process.

This process is working well because it is participatory and transparent.  If you ever have questions, I am happy to answer them personally:) – Sasha.Thackaberry at Tri-C.edu.

Updated LMS Review Timeline & eLearning by the Numbers

We have extended our timeline for the LMS review selection.  Find that new timeline here:  https://elearningandinnovation.com/lms-review/.  Scroll down just a little (you can expand the timeline to full screen).

Also, did you know that students who take one or more online or blended class graduate in greater percentages than those that do not?  And that the trend is increasing over time?  Find that data and more here:  https://breeze.tri-c.edu/elearningbythenumbers/

Thanks for following us!  Encourage other faculty to do the same to keep everyone up to date on our new LMS selection (or Blackboard hosted).