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Blackboard Access During My Tri-C Space Outage

You will still be able to access Blackboard during the My Tri-C Space outage due to the upgrade.  There will be no change in courses.

How do you access Blackboard?  You will be able to still go to https://my.tri-c.edu/.  ITS will be putting up a page that has a direct link to Blackboard.  If you normally go directly to Blackboard at bblearn.tri-c.edu, you can still do that too!

You should be able to use Blackboard as normal during the upgrade.  If you have support needs during this time, call (216) 987-4257 or email eLearning@tri-c.edu.

When the My Tri-C Space upgrade occurs, you will no longer have a Blackboard Tab – but those resources will now be located within Blackboard as soon as you login!  See before/after screenshots below:

BEFORE  😦My Blackboard Page - Before


Screenshot of Blackboard module page after changes

We hope you like the new look/feel!  – Sasha

Assignment Preview Does not Load IN IE8

When a student submits an Assignment, the preview function may not display properly in Internet Explorer.  It does display properly in Firefox and Chrome.  If the assignment has been successfully submitted, the words “This assignment is complete. Review the Submission History” will appear above the preview pane.

Students can confirm successful assignment submission by clicking on the download link Download Iconfor their assignment on the right-hand side of the screen and downloading the assignment file to make certain that they submitted the correct file.  Students can also confirm that an assignment was submitted by checking their grades and finding their assignment under Submitted.

Check the SP 10+ Known Issues page for a complete list of updated Known Issue updates.

Student Opinions Mellow on Social Media Blackout

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology made headlines in September when it announced that it would block the use of social media on the campus network for five days.

Three months after the experiment, a post-mortem by the university says that many students and professors who initially disapproved of being forced to unplug for a week seemed to moderate their opinions once their connections had been restored. Furthermore, according to surveys and focus groups conducted by the university, many students said that during the so-called blackout they found lectures more interesting, enjoyed greater health and concentration, and devoted more time to their homework.

One student told the university’s provost, Eric D. Darr, “that he had to actually talk to his professor during the blackout,” the report notes.

It’s amazing how connected we are at this point. Cell phones, iPods, laptops, netbooks, tablets, always on and always connected to something. But is this a blessing, or a curse (or both!)? What do you think? Would you put your students on a social media blackout if you could?

via The Chronicle of Higher Education

How well do you understand your students?

The Beloit College Mindset List is here! Every year, they publish a list helping everyone to understand the incoming class of freshman, by sharing cultural tibits that reveal a lot about tech trends, music, TV, and political happenings – to understand the world in which these freshman have grown up. As a community college, our “freshman” might be traditional aged, but also include folks from every generation.

I’m not sure there is one single type of community college student, but the average age has been declining. So, let’s say the average age is about 29 years old. These students could be best understood by reading the Class of 2003 list. Be sure to look at different years to best understand the multiple community college audiences.

A traditional aged (18 years old) student entering college can be best understood by reading the Class of 2014 list. Some items on the list include:

1. Few in the class know how to write in cursive.

2. Email is just too slow, and they seldom if ever use snail mail.

3. “Go West, Young College Grad” has always implied “and don’t stop until you get to Asia…and learn Chinese along the way.”

4. Al Gore has always been animated.

The full 2014 list can be found at http://www.beloit.edu/mindset/2014.php.

Some history on the creation of the mindset list can be found at http://www.beloit.edu/mindset/.

Google Voice for all students? Yea!

It’s so nice when vendors show support for higher education. Google will now be providing Google Voice to any student with a .edu address. Oh, the possibilities for teaching and learning!

Google Gives Away Google Voice Invites to College Students

By Jennifer Van Grove

Students, you can now move to the head of the Google Voice class. Google’s celebrating the end of the school year with priority Google Voice invites for students.

Now anyone with a .edu e-mail address can enter it into the Google Voice for Students page and get an invite within 24 hours.

Google explained, “We’ve heard college students in particular really appreciate getting their voicemail sent to their e-mail, sending free text messages and reading voicemail transcriptions rather than listening to messages (especially handy while in class).”

This blanket invitation to the collegiate crowd seems like a way of appealing to a younger generation of mobile phone owners. Our guess is that Google hopes to convert these students into Android owners. With Android already making big gains in market share, this offer could help the company tap into the all-important youth demographic even more. Smart move, Google.

Article available at http://mashable.com/2010/05/14/google-voice-for-students/