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FYE Game Site & Student Tech Survey

In this update….

Info on the FYE Game, the Student Technology Survey, and the eLearning Orientation Reboot.

FYE Game Site

If you attended the Convocation session on the FYE Game, please find that here:

FYE Game screenshot

You can now request your copy of the FYE Game site!  How?  Follow these simple directions:

  1. Email ITS at:  elifacultysupport@tri-c.edu.
  2. Ask to be added as a faculty member in the 2016 FYE Game course site.
  3. Login to Blackboard, and use the Course Site Request System to request your own copy!
  4. May the odds be ever in  your favor.

We are currently incorporating the feedback from the session, so those Softchalks will be updated till end of day Friday.  Don’t worry, that’s all in the cloud, so it won’t impact your ability to have a current copy of the course.

Student Technology Survey

If you weren’t at the Student Technology Survey session with Professor Sam LiPuma and myself, of course you missed the social event of the season, but you also missed hearing the sometimes unexpected but always illuminating results of the 2015 college-wide survey of students about technology!  Check out the presentation below:

Student Tech Survey


eLearning Orientation Reboot in Course Button

Have you seen the eLearning Orientation Reboot?  Check it out!  It can help prepare your students to be successful in their online and blended/hybrid courses.

We also put it into a course site via a button!  It comes with 5 quick accompanying quizzes to test students’ knowledge in 5 domains:

  • Managing Your Time Well
  • Being a Successful Student
  • Being an Online Student at Tri-C
  • Using Blackboard
  • Computer and Internet Basics

Students get digital badges when they hit 80% or above in the quick quizzes.

Do you want your very own button?  Email elifacultysupport@tri-c.edu and ask to be added to the 2016 eLearning Orientation Reboot course as a faculty member.  You can then copy the entire button into your courses!

Have a great start of term!



YouTube Mashup Fixed & Blackboard Info

As you may have been aware, this summer there was a problem with YouTube videos that were added to Blackboard using the Mashup tool.  Blackboard recently released a fix which we tested and then implemented in our system.  YouTube videos that have been added to courses through the Mashup tool should now work!

Known Issues are updated and posted on this page:  https://elearningandinnovation.com/faculty-resources/known-issues/.  You can access it by going to Faculty Resources > Known Issues.

In related news, you may have noticed that the company Blackboard may be exploring a sale.  Blackboard has been sold before, most recently in 2011. An acquisition would impact them at a corporate and structural level and should not change your day-to-day experience.  All of your files and content will be maintained in the same way.

As always, please “Follow” us by entering your email into the field on the left-hand sidebar of the eLi blog.  You’ll receive automatic emails when news and upgrade notices are posted.


Blackboard Access During My Tri-C Space Outage

You will still be able to access Blackboard during the My Tri-C Space outage due to the upgrade.  There will be no change in courses.

How do you access Blackboard?  You will be able to still go to https://my.tri-c.edu/.  ITS will be putting up a page that has a direct link to Blackboard.  If you normally go directly to Blackboard at bblearn.tri-c.edu, you can still do that too!

You should be able to use Blackboard as normal during the upgrade.  If you have support needs during this time, call (216) 987-4257 or email eLearning@tri-c.edu.

When the My Tri-C Space upgrade occurs, you will no longer have a Blackboard Tab – but those resources will now be located within Blackboard as soon as you login!  See before/after screenshots below:

BEFORE  😦My Blackboard Page - Before


Screenshot of Blackboard module page after changes

We hope you like the new look/feel!  – Sasha

New Blackboard Organization from My Tri-C Space

Beginning July 13, 2015, how you interact with Blackboard from My Tri-C Space will change.  

My Tri-C Space is being upgraded, and we’re upgrading how you access your critical Blackboard resources (both faculty and students.)  Now all the core features you needed from the Blackboard tab will be within My Blackboard, which is the page you “land” on immediately after logging into Blackboard.

Check out our fantastic before and after pics below.

Before 😦

My Blackboard Page - Before


Screenshot of Blackboard module page after changes
You can find your core faculty resources in the left-hand “channel,” help is in your upper right-hand corner, your updates are right in the middle, and your courses haven’t moved.  There’s a library module and, in the upper left-hand corner, we’ll show you how to access Blackboard using “Global Navigation.”  It lets you easily find your grades and discussion board posts across courses, and lets you customize alerts you want to receive for due dates or assessments.


What’s New in Blackboard? (In Summer 2015)

With the recent Blackboard update, several new functions were added or significantly updated for faculty. Here are four tools that are new or improved in Blackboard this summer. A link to more information from Blackboard Help is available at the end of each paragraph:

Anonymous Grading​New!  With the new Anonymous Grading function, instructors can hide student names from submitted Assignments for anonymous grading. This new option is only for use with new or existing Blackboard Assignments and is set up from the Assignment Grading Options area. Instructors still have the ability in the Grade Center to “Grade with User Names Hidden” for Assignments and Tests/Quizzes.  Learn more about Anonymous Grading from Blackboard Help.

Delegated GradingNew!  The new Delegated Grading option enables instructors to assign specific Instructors, TAs, or Graders in a course to grade a particular set of student Blackboard Assignments. This is helpful for courses with multiple instructors, and can be used in combination with Anonymous Grading. Learn more about Delegated Grading from Blackboard Help.

SafeAssignUpdated!  SafeAssign is now a part of regular Blackboard Learn Assignments. You can choose to use SafeAssign by selecting Submission Details and selecting ” Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign” for any new or existing Blackboard Assignment. Note that SafeAssign reports do not appear for Anonymously graded assignments until all grades are submitted and student identities are revealed. Learn more about the new version of SafeAssign from Blackboard Help.

Student PreviewNew!  Instructors can now view their course as a student in their course site by using the Student Preview tool. This lets instructors see the course from the student perspective without logging out and logging in again with their faculty-as-student accounts. Faculty can use the Student Preview to submit assignments and tests, to create blog, discussion, and journal posts, and to view the My Grades area from the student perspective. Faculty can also choose whether to keep or discard the preview user and its data when exiting the Student Preview view of the course. Learn more about the Student Preview tool in your Blackboard course sites from Blackboard Help.

As always, some aspects of Blackboard may not work as they should. Visit the Known Issues page for a current list of Blackboard issues. If you are experiencing an issue and don’t see it listed on the Known Issues page, please contact us at eLiFacultySupport@tri-c.edu or (216) 987-4257.

Blackboard Upgrade Successfully Completed

Good morning!  If you’re logging into Blackboard, there has been an upgrade that improved the use of iframes and improved some other functionality.  As always, if you notice something odd, or have an issue to report, please email elifacultysupport@tri-c.edu.

Thank you to Genevieve Kilmer, our LSA, Alex, Ace, and the whole ITS team for assistance in testing!


Summer 2015 Blackboard Updates – Coming on May 15

Now that the Spring semester is coming to an end, it is time to do some Blackboard updates!

The Office of eLearning & Innovation and Information Technology Services will be applying updates to Blackboard on Friday, May 15. To complete these updates, Blackboard will be unavailable on Friday, May 15 between 4am-12pm.

After the updates, faculty and students will see some new and enhanced Blackboard functionality. These new improvements will include new Anonymous and Delegated Grading options and SafeAssign options that are integrated into all Blackboard Assignments.

Faculty – if you want to know more about these new tools, you can read more in Blackboard’s Help pages:

Watch this blog in the coming weeks for more information about these and other changes to Blackboard at Tri-C!

‘Tis the Season for Blackboard Updates

In preparation for the upcoming Summer term, the Office of eLearning & Innovation and Information Technology Services will be applying some minor updates to Blackboard the morning of May 16.

As a result of these updates, faculty and students will be able to embed SlideShare content into Blackboard courses, and faculty will experience a more consistent grading interface for Assignments, Wikis, Blogs, Journals and Discussion Boards. Faculty will also be able manage due dates for assignments and tests more easily!

Watch (or subscribe to) the eLi blog in the coming week for more information about these improvements.

Blackboard Restart

Blackboard was functioning very slowly this morning, so we did a restart.  It appears to be getting online correctly, however we’ll update everyone once we can confirm everything is fully up and functional.

We’ll provide further updates as soon as we have more information. – With thanks for your patience and understanding! – Sasha